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I moved to Canberra after completing studies to obtain a Diploma in Web Design with Polytechnic, Tasmania in 2010 and am currently working in the Public Service in Canberra as a software developer.

I have four precious daughters who love the Lord dearly and whom you can listen to at gatesopen.martintw.com.

I know Jesus went through such great agony, and the Father felt such depths of pain to obtain such a wonderful salvation for us. Such a precious gift from an infinitely loving and merciful God makes me appreciate the need for others to turn their lives over to Him, else suffer the horrendous consequences of eternal punishment for their hostility towards God and His love. God has committed the work of making disciples into our hands as matter of principle, whether we believe it or not and whether we like it or not. 

This has led me to use my talents as a singer/musician and preacher in a number of evangelistic arenas including:

As of early 2017 I am seeking to engage in evangelism in a greater capacity. My first steps will be to organise prayer groups as far and wide as possible, followed by various evangelistic outreaches which are expected to be a natural flow on from these meetings. (Follow the Revival link).

I was sworn in as a salvation army soldier on 9/10/11 at the Truggeranong Corps.

Enrolement as Salvation Army soldier

In Jesus' Name

Martin ter Wee

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