is a matter of perspective.



In John 4:35 Jesus challenges our thinking: "'Don't you say there are four months and then comes the harvest?' I tell you, Look UP  and see that the fields are already white for harvest!"

In the other gospels Jesus tells us to pray for harvesters.

This tells us that Revival is not a matter of begging God for souls; rather, it is about an adjustment taking place in the life of believers!

Martin ter Wee is extending an invitation to join him in seeking God's heart through worship, word and prayer for that adjustment in ourselves and the body of Christ that ultimately wins souls. (He who is wise wins souls. Prov 11:30).

Martin is looking to start meetings in Canberra starting in May and continuing for around three months.


I am interested in seeking God for REVIVAL:

First meeting scheduled for may 28th. Please register here.


Note: All information is kept private. It will ony be used for mailouts to inform you of events pertaining to the area in which you are registered.